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Friday, March 23, 2012

Ken Wilber joins Simpol’s Advisory Board

Ken Wilber, the internationally renowned philosopher and founder of Integral Theory, has joined Simpol’s international Advisory Board. A long-time advocate of global governance as a means for solving growing world problems in a way all nations can support, Ken Wilber has many contacts and followers within the political community, including Bill Clinton and Al Gore. We are delighted Ken has decided to give such strong support to Simpol.

First alerted to Simpol through various articles I have written for the Journal of Integral Theory & Practice, Ken Wilber made this comment on my latest article entitled Transcending 1st-tier Values in Achieving Democratic Global Governance:

“This is another absolutely fascinating article. John addresses the central issues concerning how global governance can be achieved even when only 5% of the global population is at Integral. This work moves the global governance conversation forward considerably. The Simpol campaign offers a 2nd-tier political practice that makes a great deal of sense, and it’s certainly worth backing.”

If you’d like an advance copy, please contact us at [email protected] Earlier, in response to another article on climate change, Ken made this powerful comment:

“The central idea of Simpol is very powerful; that is, the notion of how to link votes in one country with votes in another – how to link political action in one country with action in another. International competition is built-in to the nation-state system at its current level of development, and so the issue is not environmental concerns, but how to get humans to agree on environmental concerns. This is really fascinating and very hopeful. In my opinion this is the crucial issue for the 21st century”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ken Wilber and his work, I can thoroughly recommend his wonderful book Sex, Ecology, Spirituality – The Spirit of Evolution. Other leading figures within the Integral community, notably spiritual teacher and trainer, Terry Patten, have also joined the campaign. See our website for Terry’s comment on Simpol.

Please forward this message to any of your contacts who you feel might be interested and don’t forget to invite them to sign on to the campaign!

with thanks,

John Bunzl – Founder & Trustee

International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO)