Breaking: GFI and ALDF file lawsuit on behalf of Tofurky | The U.S. government invests in cultivated meat research

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U.S. Awards UC Davis with First University Grant for Cultivated Meat Research

The cultivated meat industry just got a multi-million dollar boost. But this time, the money didn’t come from a venture capitalist. And the recipient wasn’t a startup company. The U.S. government awarded a total of $3.55 million, to be dispersed over five years, to a team of researchers at UC Davis for open-access cultivated meat research. Learn more about why this investment is so, so important.

WSO’s Friend of the Sea Certification Matters for the Plant-Based Seafood Industry. Here’s Why.

The World Sustainability Organization, in partnership with GFI’s Sustainable Seafood Initiative, has announced that it will begin certifying plant-based seafood products under a Gold Level version of their Friend of the Sea certification program. This is a pivotal opportunity for the burgeoning plant-based seafood industry to expand its visibility. Get the full details. 

GFI’s 2020 Symposium on Fermentation | October 20 (Virtual)

On October 20, GFI is hosting a free, virtual symposium exploring fermentation’s role in the alternative protein industry. There’s still time to secure your spot! Panelists include representatives from Quorn, Perfect Day, Meati Foods, Atlast Food Co., Air Protein, and other leading companies in this space. All attendees will also have access to networking opportunities and a startup showcase. Check out the full agenda and register today!

GFI Around the Web

Tofurky Files First Amendment Challenge Against Louisiana Label Censorship Law

GFI and Animal Legal Defense Fund have filed a lawsuit on behalf of Tofurky challenging a Louisiana law that would impose fines of up to $500 per day for every plant-based meat product marketed or sold with terms like “burger” and “sausage” on their labels. “Consumers deserve better than lawmakers passing condescending laws that try to dictate what Louisianans buy,” said GFI director of policy Jessica Almy. Learn more about this lawsuit and how we’re fighting label censorship in court.

IndieBio Hosts Panel on “The Future of the Planet: Food Systems”

GFI executive director Bruce Friedrich joined several guests on a panel hosted by leading science accelerator IndieBio to tackle pressing questions about the future of our food system and how global food security will be impacted. Our favorite line: “We need products that taste the same or better, and that cost the same or less. That’s the Holy Grail.” Watch the full panel here.

These Sectors Are Innovating Climate Solutions. And They’re Thriving.

In comparison to animal protein, plant-based alternatives rely on supply chains that are shorter, faster, and far more predictable. GFI business innovation specialist Blake Byrne spoke with Grist about the inherent stability of producing plant-based meat, and why it will continue to be a boon during times of shortage. Check out Blake’s full interview.

If We Want to Prevent the Next Pandemic, We Need to Change the Meat We Eat

In a powerful new op-ed, GFI’s Dara Homer makes the case for re-evaluating our food system in the wake of Covid-19. “This doesn’t mean grabbing the crispy bacon from your plate and replacing it with spongy blocks of tofu or taking jobs away from American farmers. This means producing the foods we know and love in modern, safe, and sustainable ways,” she writes. Read her full piece.