Brazil Solar Energy Conference (BSEC), Sao Paulo, 27 & 28 May 2013. Ethical Markets is happy to be a media partner.

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EMM Media Partner with Cleantech Investor for Brazil Solar Energy Conference


Ethical Markets is pleased to be a media partner for Brazil Solar Energy Conference (BSEC) taking place in Sao Paulo on 27 & 28 May 2013.  At BSEC the expert speakers will address building Brazil’s solar business – with a particular emphasis on the financing and investment required to scale up the embryonic solar industry in Brazil. 


Key topics for debate will include:


·       Building on the experience of wind, what are the most appropriate regulatory incentives for the solar industry in Brazil?


·       Can Brazil compete as a solar equipment manufacturer – and is there scope for a domestic equipment manufacturing industry?


·       Which regions of Brazil lend themselves to utility scale solar – and what are the most appropriate technologies?


·       How will solar fit within the Brazilian energy mix, alongside other renewables and other forms of energy generation?


·       What is the scope for sub 1 MW distributed solar energy and net metering in Brazil?


·       What is the role of BNDES and the regional development banks in financing solar in Brazil?


·       What expertise is required in Brazil to build the solar industry: should the focus be on technology research or on engineering skills?


·       How can Brazil learn from the successes (and failures) of other nations which have built a solar industry?


Click here for the in-depth programme, full speaker line-up and to register.