Book Review: “What Can I Do? My Path from Climate Despair to Action”, By Jane Fonda

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Book Review:

By Hazel Henderson

“What Can I Do?  My Path from Climate Despair to Action”

By Jane Fonda, Penguin Press, NY 2020


©Hazel Henderson

This inspiring book illustrates the power of purposeful humans to accelerate beneficial social progress.  Author, Jane Fonda is a living example with her lifelong political engagement in the big global issues of our time: the transition of all societies beyond fossil energy, patriarchal power politics, violence, and militarism.  This book describes the global cultural and technological transition to cleaner, fairer, inclusive, knowledge-richer societies.  We join Fonda’s call for the Green New Deal in the USA, Europe and 140 other countries where these shifts to 100% renewable energy are viable by 2030.

Author Fonda lays out in this book the scientific and technological means for this global transition.  In “What Can I Do?” she personifies and illustrates all the inspiring demonstrations in Washington of her Fire Drill Fridays she led with her friends and allies.  Jane Fonda is now internationally-recognized for her leadership as one of the honored speakers in the 75th-anniversary events of the United Nations.  Must reading for all global citizens!

Hazel Henderson, Editor”