Book Review: Parent Power

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Parent Power: The Key to America’s Prosperity: Why do we permit babies to have one, two or three strikes against them at birth and endanger our nation’s future?

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By Jack C. Westman, M.D., CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2013


“Dr. Weston’s well-research, bold proposal  focusing  on  how to give our children the best start in life by  having every birth mother and father sign a Parenthood Pledge  deserves to be widely-debated.  This  shift from human rights to include human responsibilities is upon us as the human family reaches almost 8 billion  and we are now  causing planet-wide changes .  Similarly, our traditional view that parenthood is a right, with little thought about  how well we raise our children, belongs to a bygone era.   Our culture’s obsession with money, success and economic growth as measured by money  in GDP  takes little heed of the heavy social costs we bear when children are abandoned , mistreated , mis-educated  or left to become wards of the state.  Dr. Weston’s proposal will  no doubt be controversial, but I hope that it is  given a wide and fair hearing.  It fits well with the proposals of the Caring Economy Campaign  to properly account for the benefits to our society and economy of investing more in our children, since they are our future.”

Dr. Hazel Henderson, President, Ethical Markets Media; author, Building A Win-Win World and Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy