Bold Businesses Step Up to Deliver a Just Transition

Jay Owen Green Prosperity

The B Team

The renewable energy sector employs more than 10 million people today. But with more and more businesses, cities and governments making ambitious climate commitments, these numbers are only set to grow.

Today, at the Global Climate Action Summit, leading companies took a bold step to ensure that jobs created in the new climate economy are decent. Supported by The B Team, International Trade Union Confederation and BSR, both renewable energy buyers and developers solidified their dedication to building a just transition by announcing they’re taking Pledge for a Just Transition to Decent Jobs.

For renewable energy buyers, Autodesk, Safaricom and Unilever, this means they’ve committed to only buy from renewable energy providers that uphold fundamental workers’ rights. For renewable energy developers, Enel and Ørsted, this means they’ve committed to meeting these core labour standards themselves.

These companies’ collective courage will help build a more just and decent future for workers, for business, for communities, for the world—and you can join them.