Blacks and Latinos Urge President Obama to Question Facebook and Silicon Valley on its Hiring Practices: Why Are There So Few Who Look Like the President?

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April 20, 2011


Black Economic Council
Latino Business Chamber of Greater LA
National Asian American Coalition

Blacks and Latinos Urge President Obama to Question Facebook

and Silicon Valley on its Hiring Practices:

Why Are There So Few Who Look Like the President?

The Black Economic Council and the Latino Business Chamber of Greater Los Angeles, joined by the National Asian American Coalition, have urged the President during his fundraising efforts with Facebook and Silicon Valley to question their lack of transparency regarding their hiring of American workers.

These business groups have previously filed charges with the Department of Justice and the Department of Labor regarding Silicon Valley’s poor record of employment of Americans.

Facebook, for example, has refused to release its Department of Labor data (EEO-1 reports) relating to the diversity of its workforce or how many foreign workers under H-1B visas have displaced American workers.

In a recent report to the Department of Justice, the three organizations produced expert testimony demonstrating that on the average, including at Google and Apple, less than 2% of all workers are Black and less than 4% are Latino. It also showed that despite a 57% graduation rate in the sciences for women, only 25% of the Silicon Valley workforce are women.

The Black Economic Council Chairman Len Canty stated, “The Black community hopes the President can raise his presidential campaign goal of $157 million from Silicon Valley billionaires. [1] Unfortunately, if the President examines the workforce at Facebook and Google or other Silicon Valley companies, he will find few who look like him and even fewer who look like Michelle Obama. The Black community supports the President, but doesn’t support discrimination.”

The Latino Business Chamber of Greater Los Angeles Chairman Jorge Corralejo stated, “The one million Latino businesses in California urge the President to ask Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies tough questions, such as “Why aren’t you doing business with the Latino and Black communities?” and “Why do you favor foreign workers over our college graduates?”

The National Asian American Coalition President Faith Bautista stated, “We urge the President to immediately create a blue ribbon commission to investigate why Facebook and Silicon Valley prefer foreign workers under the H-1B visa program to qualified Asian-Americans who graduate from our best universities, including Stanford.”


[1] The President previously announced that he hopes to raise $157 million from 450 billionaires, each of whom will raise a minimum of $350,000.



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