Birth 2012 and Beyond: An Offering From Barbara Marx Hubbard

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You are invited to participate in an extraordinary bestseller campaign for an exciting new book from Barbara Marx Hubbard that includes contributions from Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Lynne McTaggart and more.

It’s called Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution, and it is igniting a global movement to co-create a planetary Birth Day celebration on Dec. 22 to mark the beginning of a new era of human possibility.  Imagine 100 million participating worldwide, committing to collaborate together in the years to come.

To propel this vision, we are aiming to make Birth 2012 and Beyond an online bestseller on May 22, seven months before the Birth Day, bringing visibility to one of our most beloved elder’s call for a planetary movement to cocreate this global celebration, as well as that of the “Welcoming Committee” who have joined her.

Marianne Williamson calls Barbara our “undisputed planetary midwife” and Ken Wilber regards her call for conscious evolution “one of the two or three best ideas of our time” for good reason.  Neale Donald Walsch’s recent Mother of Invention shows why Barbara is so beloved as a mother figure for the evolutionary movement.

From Barbara

Dear friends and cocreators of the emerging world:

For years, I have said that our current global crisis is actually the birth of new, universal human species.  What if we collectively declared a Due Date for that birth?  That is what has happened with Dec. 22, 2012 with tens of thousands uniting in this vision for a planetary celebration.

The Birth 2012 and Beyond book is therefore the most important one I have ever written since it invites the world into this extraordinary event and charts our evolution beyond it.  I’m writing to you to ask you to help the book reach its widest possible audience.

The book presents you with the greatest opportunity that humanity has ever consciously faced together: the effort to cocreate a planetary shift in time to avert global catastrophe by helping humanity cross the gap from “Here”—our current breakdowns—to “There”—our future of infinite possibility.

Why is this invitation so urgent?

Because our current condition of over-growth in our finite Earth system is simply not sustainable.

We will either evolve toward a more sustainable, compassionate, and creative global system, or we face the real possibility of devolution and destruction of our life support system and of much of life on Earth—within our own or our children’s lifetime!

This dangerous reality is motivating us to enter into what I call the first age of conscious evolution—that is, evolution by choice and not by chance. It means that we need to be causal in the actions and direction we take in this lifetime. What is being required of us is to learn to co-evolve with nature and cocreate with Spirit.

Again, why do I say that the timing is so urgent? Why now? Can’t we wait a while and see how it turns out? No, we can’t wait. It’s like the birth of a baby. You might not be ready, but if the baby is ready, it’s coming out now for better or for worse. It can either be a disastrous birth, or a gentle one.

We are being called to a great experiment, for no one alive on Earth knows how to make such a vast evolutionary shift in this short of a time. For the first time in our conscious history we are being given the opportunity to guide and ease our transition to the next stage of evolution. This situation is new for humanity, for we are the first Earth species to consciously face evolution or extinction.

That’s why a Due Date can be so motivating.

We have reached what systems theorists call a “chaos point.” When a system in chaos is far from equilibrium, it tries to right itself by going backward to the old; this is why we see reactive movements everywhere in society right now. But an evolving system cannot return to the past. It must seek out new structures and systems, and quickly ascend to a new configuration—or else face rapid decline.

The Birth 2012 and Beyond book is dedicated to the fact that we can each be that small fluctuation, especially when we join together!

We are being called upon to shift from ego-centrism to living from our Essential Selves; to discover our vocations of destiny; to give our unique Gift to the Shift; to work toward maximum global coherence; and to evolve our communities, our world, and ourselves. In other words, our opportunity, right now, is to become planetary birthing mamas and papas! Joining together, we can “gentle the birth” of a Universal Humanity connected through the heart to the whole of life—and guide our Earth community into its next evolutionary Stage.

And together we can create the most memorable Birth Day in the history of the world.

Please join me in helping this message reach the world.

Thank you from the depths of my heart,

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Santa Barbara, California