Become the Next Qualified CSO with Sustainability Academy!

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Become the Next qualified CSO with Sustainability Academy!
The issue of sustainability has never been more urgent. In 2013, greenhouse gases were at their heighest rate for 30 years and by 2030, the United Nations estimates that more than half of the world’s population will have difficulty accessing water.
In response, some corporations are tackling these issues through the creation of a role directly responsible for environmental and social impact – the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). A CSO communicates and coordinates with management, shareholders, customers, and employees to address sustainability issues.
Some key responsibilities and tasks for a CSO include:

  • Identify educational, training, or other development opportunities for sustainability employees or volunteers.
  • Write and distribute financial or environmental impact reports.
  • Formulate or implement sustainability campaign or marketing strategies.
  • Review sustainability program objectives, progress, or status to ensure compliance with policies, standards, regulations, or laws.

For people with ambitions of careers in sustainability, knowledge of the ongoing risks that humanity is confronting and an ability to relate them to business practices are crucial skills. The online training courses organised by Sustainability Academy can teach you everything you need to know about CSR & Sustainability and provide you with valuable skills and knowledge in order to boost your career in this field and become the next CSO in your company.

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