Bayer does NOT belong at the UN

Jay Owen Reforming Global Finance, SRI/ESG News, Global Citizen

“Ethical Markets recommends all this news on needed reforms to our global food system. Still missing is the key issue: all our current global foods are grown on the planet’s 3% dwindling freshwater, which is the real impending crisis! We find that overlooking the other half of our planet’s food crops is becoming inexplicable!

These salt-loving plants still thrive on the planet’s 97% of saltwater, on unused degraded lands in 22 countries, without fertilizers or pesticides (e.g. quinoa, amaranth, salicornia, salt-tolerant rice, and hundreds of other plants, such as oil crops like jatropha, grown in the desert areas in Israel and many other countries).

These food crops often contain full proteins and minerals for optimum human nutrition, and their long roots capture CO2 more efficiently and faster than forests, which must also be protected and re-grown. See our report “Capturing CO2 While Improving Human Nutrition and Health” (2018) free download at along with our TV show playing “Investing in Saltwater Agriculture“ .

Time to report on these possibilities and to prevent mass starvation!!

Hazel Henderson, Editor“


Bayer, Cargill, and Syngenta are about to get unprecedented power to shape United Nations policies on food production.

Will you join the global movement to stop the UN from partnering with the world’s most dangerous pesticide corporations?



There are an estimated 385 million cases of acute pesticide poisonings each year.

That means about 44% of farmers and agricultural workers around the world are poisoned annually. And those numbers could rise if we don’t stop Bayer’s latest power grab.

Right now, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is trying to create a formal partnership with CropLife International — the mega lobbying group that represents Bayer, Cargill, Syngenta and over 300 other pesticide companies.

Allies tell us that an announcement of the deal can come as early as this month unless we stop this #ToxicAlliance.

Sign the petition demanding that FAO stop the #ToxicAlliance with CropLife.

CropLife’s sole purpose is to advocate for the use of its members’ products — which are hazardous pesticides and genetically modified seeds. For decades, these products have locked farmers into ever-escalating pesticide use, and systematically undermined the rights and welfare of the majority of the world’s food producers.

Hazel, unless we stop this #ToxicAlliance, the companies that are poisoning farmers worldwide will get unprecedented access to power at the United Nations.

Join the global movement to save our food systems from Bayer, Cargill, Syngenta, and the other CropLife companies.

SumOfUs members have worked for years to rid fields and gardens of pesticides — from pushing for bans on neonics to getting glyphosate off store shelves. We can’t let the manufacturers of these harmful poisons lobby their way to greater power.

Instead of partnering with CropLife, FAO should support people-led, sustainable farming that mitigates climate change and reduces world hunger.