Bargaining Power for Social Entrepreneurs

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Reclaiming the Investment Dialogue for Social Entrepreneurs
Financially viable social enterprises are a scarce resource, and social entrepreneurs need to reclaim their position of power at the bargaining table, say Felix Oldenburg, Michael Vollman, Paula Cardenau and Renee Manuel, from Ashoka. What do you think?

Is the Social Economy Built on Air?
The social enterprise and investment sector is not yet sustainable, and despite colossal failures, the scale of actual activity is still depressingly small. Rod Schwartz wonders whether this is all built on air.

Where does one start?
There are hundreds of reasons NOT to pursue your social entrepreneurship idea. Many will give up. But not you. You are determined. Just take a deep breath and share your experience with Saul Garlick, CEO of ThinkImpact.

The Generosity of the Have-Nots: Them That’s Not Shall Give
The most generous people are often those with less money, but many wealthy individuals also give huge sums to philanthropic causes. So, wonders Charles (hipbone) Cameron: rich or poor, who is doing the giving?

The Impact Investing Wave
Successful social entrepreneurs are exploring for-profit revenue models, and the impact-investing wave has arrived in full force. But will it simply flood the marketplace with hype? Join Cathy Clark, with CASE at Duke, in the conversation.

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