BARD Refines its Ambitious Algae Farming Plans

kristy Greentech

BARD Refines its Ambitious Algae Farming Plans
Now “20,000,000 gallons of algae oil / biodiesel per acre per annum” according to the firm’s website.

Government Regulations: For Fun and Profit
In California, policy points the way for entrepreneurs

Enphase Microinverters Join Siemens’ Distribution Family
The potential to add an army of installers to the solar industry?

Mixed Greens: EnerNOC Manages Wind, Comverge Makes Moves and More
No lack of demand response news as DistribuTECH 2011 kicks off.

SolarCity and Citi’s New Fund for Residential Solar
A $40 million vote of confidence in residential solar from the financial community.

Guest Post: Better Place’s Plan for Energy Storage
Michal Wolkin goes through the numbers on how car batteries can enjoy a second life in utility storage.

Mitsubishi to Produce Eight EVs by 2015
That’s one way to celebrate turning 90.

Power-One Quietly Reaches 2nd Place in Inverter Market
From ninth place to second place market position in two years.

Mixed Greens: Echelon and Serious Materials; Tendril and Whirlpool; Fallbrook and TRW
Alliances abound in grid and solar today.