B20 Media Guide/ Guía de Medios B20

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Ethical Markets accredited Media Representative to the G-20, Susana Oseguera Yterbide will be sending us her observations. Meanwhile , see schedule of events and speakers.

Given the space available, only photojournalists with appointments will be admitted to the plenary sessions. However, all activities will be broadcasted live via closed circuit TV and will be available in the B20 Media Center, located in the Cabo Real I Room at the Meliá Hotel and at the International Press Center located in the Gran Faro Hotel. Within the official B20 conference room, there will be a space set aside for photojournalists and camera crew wishing to cover the B20 event. The number of places must not exceed the capacity outlined in the guidelines.

Access to all events will be controlled and undertaken in accordance with their respective agendas. All photojournalists wishing to be present must specify in advance the panel which they wish to attend. As such, it will be possible to guarantee that their B20 credentials will coincide with the panel they wish to cover. The programming of access will be coordinated by the information desk located at the Press Room in the Meliá Hotel. (Contact: Rosa Elba Arroyo, E-mail: [email protected] )
Given the security restrictions in place, the press will not be permitted into the public areas of the Hilton Hotel.

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