B Lab Update: V3 Public Beta – Help Shape the V3 of the B Impact Ratings System

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B Corp Update
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May 10, 2011

Dear B Corp Community,
Today we are launching the Public Beta period for Version 3.0 of the B Impact Assessment. This is a 30-day period for you to review and provide feedback on the revised assessment that powers B Corporation certification as well as GIIRS ratings. We hope you will take 30-60 minutes to create a V3 account, take a look at the new assessment and send us your comments and suggestions. Your comments will be used to help the B Lab Standards Advisory Council in June. The Public Beta feedback period ensures all B Corps as well as the general public have a say in B Lab’s standards development process.

Version 3.0 of the B Impact Assessment includes changes made in response to feedback many of you provided over the last two years. Major changes to note in Version 3.0 include a new emerging market assessment for companies with majority operations in emerging market countries, additional questions and coverage of Beneficial Business Models (tentatively now called “Social Enterprise Models”), inclusion of more metrics for data-driven calculations and scores, and a slight reorganization of impact areas.

In order to provide greater analytical capabilities, Version 3.0 has been built on a new technology platform. To access the V3 assessment, your company will need to create a new B Corp account and password at http://b-lab.force.com/GIIRS/BCorpRegistration.

Please complete the Registration page at this link, and an email will be immediately sent to the address provided with a temporary password. You can then change your password and view the impact assessment online. We invite you to use the “Feedback” link located under each question in the assessment to provide your comments as you review the assessment.

If you have any questions or would like to provide general feedback on Version 3.0, please email [email protected] The Public Beta period will end at 5pm on Wednesday, June 8, so please submit any feedback to B Lab by this time. In June, the Standards Advisory Council will review feedback and make final content and weightings decisions. B Lab will start using Version 3.0 in July for B Corp certification and to issue GIIRS ratings. B Corp recertification will continue to occur on a rolling basis, so your company will be asked to recertify on Version 3.0 two years after the date of your last certification.

B Corporations that would like to become a GIIRS Pioneer Company and be among the first companies to get a GIIRS rating should complete an assessment during the public beta. GIIRS Rating are free for Certified B Corporations. For more information contact [email protected]

Thank you for your time and feedback as we continue to strive to improve our impact assessment tool.

Be the Change,

The B Lab Team
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