Australia to set up $10bn Clean Energy Finance Corp

kristy Green Prosperity

The Australian Government announced on the weekend it will set up a “Clean
Energy Finance Corporation” (CEFC) as a statutory body. The initiative is part
of a large package of climate change finance measures, including a long-awaited
carbon tax.

Described by ‘Responsible Investor’ magazine as Australia’s version of a Green
Investment Bank, the CEFC will have $10 billion […]

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Germany’s SolarWorld is issuing a €150 million corporate bond.

Also in Germany, Windreich (wind energy) is issuing a €75 million corporate

French smart grid and energy solutions developer Schneider Electric, has issued
a € 750 million corporate bond. Schneider is not strictly speaking a clean
energy company, but has a lot of related business – enough to be included […]

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