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 Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,
The “austerity” budgets around the World are having exactly the intended effect – they are making people even more dependent on the immoral banking systems in place, thus increasing the power of the ruling financiers, and making it more difficult to enact the necessary laws which identify their activities as in fact criminal in nature. But that identity needs to be made if humanity is to survive and progress!

In a recent discussion with a good friend – “S” – he asked “How can they (the bankers) stay in power when everyone realizes how crooked they are?”
I thought about it and then I answered:
“They get away with it because they hold the MONEY POWER!”

Let me be clear on this friends – the “money power” is the ability to create what we use for money, and control who gets it first. Those holding this power can literally get away with murder, and have for generations. Each time their activities create a financial crisis, there is a general enough realization of the damage they have done. Yet because they hold the monetary power, they can use it to own media, influence government, and endow economics chairs with so called economists; and get away with it yet again. But that system must be reformed – ended – if humanity is to survive and progress!

Do you understand? We are saying that monetary reform is essential, not just as a basis for any other reforms to last (e.g. Social Security) but for mankind to survive in a nuclear world. As our 32 page brochure says:
“Monetary reform is the critical missing element needed to move humanity back from the brink of economic destruction and nuclear disaster, away from a future dominated by fraud, ugliness and warfare, toward a world of justice and beauty.”  And you can help!

The 10th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference(Oct. 2-5)
is taking shape as another outstanding gathering of serious monetary reformers from around the World! And YOU are invited!
Opportunities will include:

* Another outstanding lineup of World Class speakers is being assembled;
* Participants can help chart a forward course for the AMI;
* A Strategy for re-introducing Kucinich’s N.E.E.D. Act into Congress;
* Examination of the possibility for any real incremental reform;

The discounted registration donation of $225 instead of $395 continues
until July 18! That’s a $170 discount! (Our way to defeat the insane
sequester/austerity regime is that you can also donate the $225 in
segments between now and October, if more convenient! Just ask.)

One excellent speaker already committed is Prof. Joseph Huber,
Germany’s most important monetary reformer, from Martin Luther
University, who has studied and will discuss incremental reform
possibilities. (I called him the “Beethoven” of monetary reform – but he
warned me I was going too far! Beethoven is almost a God in Germany)

Yesterday I got Confirmation that Union Leader Joseph Pijanowski will also be
speaking. Joe is one of the most knowledgeable persons on monetary
questions and his Union leadership (Machinists and Aerospace Workers)
can help our important initiative with Unions.

Confirmed Speaker bios, and topics as well as those invited, are at
You’ll be surprised by some of those we have invited to speak. Take a look-
we’ll update it as speakers confirm.

We again have excellent hotel prices from Travelodge; also from the HI
Chicago Youth Hostel, perfect for students at only $35 bucks a night. See
People can consider using “Megabus” to get into Chicago at lowest cost.

That’s how one of the smartest monetary reformers we have ever known referred to our 32 page brochure available free at our home page at
Do take a look – and its a good idea to read it more than once! Also notice that you can obtain printed copies of this at very low cost – see the last page of it. Its an excellent short piece to introduce people to monetary reform with. Among other things it contains a section called “20 Questions” with most of the questions people have asked about the reform we propose – The American Monetary Act, now Kucinich’s N.E.E.D. Act.
It also contains the entire Kucinich Bill – all 12 pages (Unlike Dodd-Frank’s 2,000 pages)
We always send a copy of this out with orders for my book, as well as a DVD loaded with important articles and a “Greening the Dollar” DVD, because it brings readers up to date.
The book itself is a high quality library binding; printed on 300 year paper; with double coated, full color jacket.
Ordering my book is one good way you can support our organization and do your part for monetary reform! If you don’t have it yet, you should get your autographed copy now!
If you do have it – please start reading it again!
Warm regards to you all! 
Hope Springtime is good in your area.

Stephen Zarlenga
American Monetary Institute

“Over time, whoever controls the money system
controls the nation.”
Stephen Zarlenga
American Monetary Institute
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