Atlantic Council report: The politics of internet security

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“Ethical Markets highly recommends this Atlantic Council report “The Politics of Internet Security”!  Which urges both governments and large private companies to accelerate their efforts to monitor cyberattacks and help secure the internet , its rules, protocols and retain global access with enhances security.  The report’s urgent tone emphasizes its 5 recommendations for immediate action.  This report comes as US anti-trust regulation of Google, Facebook and Amazon are in full swing.  The pandemic has caused massive increase in online use, and makes internet security and robustness more urgent as I wrote in “Preventing An Internet Crash: Conserving Precious Bandwidth!“.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

The Politics of Internet Security
Private Industry and the Future of the Web

The private sector’s infrastructural influence on the Internet’s shape and behavior—and, therefore, its security—is enormous yet understudied in US policy. Internet insecurity is a point of leverage for the several authoritarian countries seeking to undermine trust in the free and open Internet model and replace it with a state-controlled, “sovereign” version. With Internet governance now largely privatized, there is an opportunity and responsibility for private industry to improve Internet security.

To address this challenge at the core of the Internet, the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative presents: The Politics of Internet Security: Private Industry and the Future of the Web by Justin Sherman.

This report examines two protocols as examples of private sector influence, detailing their error-prone nature or vulnerabilities and what the private sector can do about it. Through a set of actionable recommendations for US policymakers, this report hopes to emphasize the importance of private sector influence to bolster internet security.


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