AstroWatt: Thin Silicon Personnel Moves

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AstroWatt: Thin Silicon Personnel Moves
A wave of news in the world of thin silicon.

Green Startups Target the Department of Defense
It’s the renewable tip of the spear.

Update: Stealthy Alta Devices’ High Efficiency GaAs PV Technology
Details emerge in one of Alta’s first interviews with the press. Promises of high efficiency and low cost for the thin film GaAs aspirant.

Wastewater, Meet Solar
Are wastewater plants the new frontier for muni solar?

An Air Compressor That Can Improve Wind Turbines?
A few more startups out of ARPA-E

Green Tech’s Hot New Trend: Epitaxy
Epitaxy! It sounds like something my Athenian grandmother used to say, but it’s at the core of one of green’s big trends.