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Pioneering Impact: A Conversation with Wayne Silby

Wayne Silby

                             MCS Lifestyle Photography/IIX©

During the Impact Forum, the IIX and Shujog staff had the honor of spending time with Wayne Silby, a pioneer and giant in the space of inclusive investment, and a keynote speaker at this year’s Impact Forum. Despite his busy schedule, Wayne spent two full days at the event, attending panels and talking with countless friends, colleagues and actors in the space who have all followed in his footsteps and joined him on the long journey to inclusive growth. Participants had numerous questions for Wayne after he outlined his vision for the growth of Impact Investing, and his responses were insightful and thought-provoking.

As a pioneer in this space, Wayne Silby is, now more than ever, an advocate for “expressing your values in terms of how you use your money.” Very often, we hear him say that he and Calvert Group’s other co-founder John Guffey didn’t invent social investing, but that they turned the concept mainstream. In his keynote speech, Wayne promoted the idea of creating a cultural meme around social impact and building a movement incorporating all, not only the social entrepreneurs and the underserved, but a new generation of investors, policy makers and other stakeholders.