Asia-Pacific Foresight Conference ‘Imagine, Innovate, Inspire’ Perth, Australia. November 16-18, 2012

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The Asia-Pacific Foresight Conference 2012, in Perth Australia, intends to be a multi experiential and an in-depth immersion into pressing challenges the region and the world face, as well as an inspiring look into the potential for making a difference to those challenges – from water and food accessibility, Asian regional development to the shape and purpose of cities of the future.  We will push our thinking across the next 20-30 years through to pan generational challenges of the next century. Rest assured the conversations will end up hurting the brain and at times heart but we will have some medicine to alleviate the immediate pain once the day’s work is done.

Conference attendees can expect to hear exciting visions of the future, be engaged in active panel discussions, experience and take part in ‘scenarios on the run’, and share their perspectives on the future in live interviews at any stage.  Through the workshops and papers on an array of futures approaches and topics, as well as the time allocated for conversation, the conference provides room for in depth consideration of applied futures thinking.

The conference will occur at the Perth Zoo situated just minutes from the heart of one of Australia’s most sun drenched cities, and the jewel of the western part of the continent, Perth Australia between the 16th and 18th of November.

There will also be a pre-conference day on the 15th of November for foresight training. This activity will be commercial and organised separate from the main conference but in the same location. If you wish to train and invite your audiences to this event please coordinate this directly with Anita Kelleher.

The current ‘Call for Knowledge Sharing’ for this conference can be found at and for general inquiries To pre-register please use the registration form
We look forward to seeing and hearing you in Perth, in November 2012.


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