Asean’s climate-blind banks | Green New Deal for Singapore? | Where is China on sustainability reporting?

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Climate change threats ignored by most Southeast Asian banks
Climate change threats ignored by most Southeast Asian banks

The vast majority of banks in Asean are indifferent to climate change and other environmental and social threats in their lending operations, despite the associated risks staring them in the face, a new WWF report has found.

High time for a Green New Deal for Singapore
High time for a Green New Deal for Singapore

For a rich country, Singapore is not doing nearly enough to tackle climate change, and has chosen to spend billions on adaptation rather than prevention. Here’s what the city-state could and should do to rise to the climate crisis.

Honest, accurate, transparent? How is China faring at sustainability reporting?

More of China’s vast corporations are opening up about their impact on the environment. But how real are their claims, and what difference is sustainability reporting really making? We asked the former head of GRI China to find out.

Climate calamities will make Asia’s poorest people poorer—UN

Climate disasters in Asia-Pacific hit poor and marginalised communities the hardest, pushing them further into poverty, according to a new UN study. How can governments break the vicious cycle between poverty, inequality and disaster?

An idea to electrify 1 million boats in Southeast Asia—inspired by Ikea

A Singapore-based renewable energy startup is on a mission to replace polluting diesel-powered boats with solar-charged electric vessels in Southeast Asia, inspired by Ikea’s disruptive approach to parts distribution and assembly.

Amid water scarcity and pollution, is there hope for the future of water?

By 2025, two-thirds of the global population will face acute water shortage due to poor water management and unstable weather patterns caused by climate change. What are the latest tech innovations that can help the water industry to cope?