ASBC June 2020 Policy Update

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ASBC has long advocated for policies that move us toward a more just, inclusive, equitable and sustainable economy and society, but the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police has sparked new outrage, leading to renewed energy toward those goals.  Shortly after the Floyd murder, ASBC issued a new call to confront racism and followed that up on June 9 with a virtual town hall that drew well over 300 registrants to discuss what business leaders and the business community could do collectively to renew the battle against systemic racism. Two weeks later, more than 400 people registered to participate as ASBC relaunched our diversity and inclusion group which has been renamed the Race and Equity Working Group (REWG). In addition to our continuing High Road efforts, ASBC has recently added support for the Saving our Streets Act to target federal COVID-19 economic relief to businesses owned and serving communities of color and two policing reform bills, HR 7085, to end qualified immunity for public officials, and HR 7120, the comprehensive George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.



ASBC Endorses Rebuilding
Main Street Act

As small business owners and their employees across the country continue to struggle with COVID-19 recovery, the need for flexibility and certainty is greater than ever. ASBC endorsed the Rebuilding Main Street Act, which would allow employers to share payroll costs with the federal government and receive grants to help cover other fixed costs for safe reopening. ASBC is requesting that in the next COVID relief package, Congress pass this bill and also include more support for struggling small farmers. Add your voice here.

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ASBC Supports the National Infrastructure Bank Act

The National Infrastructure Bank Act (HR 6422) establishes a national, self-sustaining bank that will allow states to repair our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Remaining fiscally neutral, the act provides funding for every state to streamline desperately needed infrastructure projects while creating 25 million new, high-paying jobs with adequate training. It’s a critical step in restoring jobs devastated by the pandemic, reducing income inequality, and greenlighting projects ranging from transportation, to reusable energy, to SMART Cities infrastructure. Over the past several weeks, we have been informing & organizing our members to garner support for the bill. Expect more to come.