ASBC Goes to the White House

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On June 12th, 125 business leaders from across the country will gather at the White House for ASBC’sBusiness Summit for a Sustainable Economy. The full day event includes a series of plenaries, panel discussions, and issue specific breakout sessions. Designed as a dialogue between Administration senior personnel and business leaders, the Summit will explore policy and program ideas on how to move the economy onto a more sustainable path.

A broad cross-section of Administration officials are participating, including: Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Council on Environmental Quality Chair, Nancy Sutley; Treasury Assistant Secretary Don Graves; Energy Dept. Advisor, Richard Kaufman; Dept. of Agriculture Assistant Secretary, Kathleen Merrigan; OSHA Director, Dr. David Michaels; SBA Assistant Administrator Sean Greene; White House Chef, Sam Kass; and many others.

The following day, June 13, ASBC members will visit 30 Congressional offices.

A report summarizing the Summit will be issued later this month. Contact Richard Eidlin, Policy Director, for more information.

EPA Carbon Rules Comments Approaching Record—Add Yours

The EPA has proposed the first-ever national standard (called the Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants) to limit emissions of industrial carbon pollution from new power plants. Setting a clear direction that includes limits on carbon pollution will help to resolve the uncertainty that is constraining the major investments companies might otherwise consider and putting America’s competitiveness at stake. ASBC and our allies are on pace to set a record number of comments. Tell the EPA to support strong carbon pollution standard today!

Crowdfunding Update

Crowdfunding can be an important tool for creating new access to capital for our businesses. The SEC is presently seeking input as they consider what rules to develop. We believe there are important considerations that the SEC must address to get this right. Some ideas are summarized in this document. We want to hear your thoughts. Please visit our blog, which is hosting a forum on this issue, and record your comments.

Additionally, representatives from ASBC will be meeting with the SEC and bringing our collective thinking forward on Wednesday, June 13 at 1 p.m. EDT at SEC Headquarters,100 F Street, NE, Washington, D.C., Room # TBD. Please contact Bryan McGannon if you are able to join us in person or by phone (call-in number TBD).

New Business Supporters

Prestwick House is Delaware’s premier educational publisher with over 1,500 books in print and customers in every US state and territory. Dedicated to design, editorial, and curriculum development excellence, Prestwick House products have regularly been recognized by the Association of Educational Publishers for their high quality.

Re-marks has evolved into one of the top-selling jigsaw puzzle companies in the country. Designing and manufacturing niche items for booksellers since the 1990s in the US, Re-marks is a triple bottom line company that partners with Rust Belt manufacturers to produce high quality, eco-friendly puzzles and games.

ASBC Heading to the Democratic National Convention

A series of Policy Forums are being designed for the Convention, September 5th and 6th, in Charlotte, NC. The law firm of K&L Gates is providing space for our several hour-long programs that will bring business leaders, elected officials, and the media together to discuss how triple bottom line companies and innovations like B Corporations and full cost accounting are pointing the way toward a more sustainable economy. A reception at the Gantt Center is also planned. Contact Richard Eidlin, Policy Director, for more information on how to be involved.

Business for Democracy

ASBC signed an amicus brief in support of Montana’s challenge to the Supreme Court’s Citizens Uniteddecision.  Members of Congress are joining the chorus in a brief to the Court. Learn more at ASBC’sBusiness for Democracy campaign and sign the petition.

Resolutions Week is coming June 11th. Efforts are underway across the country to pass state and local resolutions supporting a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. We encourage business voices to find an organizing group or start an effort in your area.

Farm Bill Heats Up

As the Farm Bill hits the Senate floor, ASBC is actively engaging. The five-year farm and food bill, which would revamp the federal safety net for farmers and eliminate direct government payments for idle crop fields, took a huge leap toward passage Thursday in the Senate.

A 90-8 vote to officially begin debate opens the way for what could be two to three weeks of attempts to amend proposed legislation that spends some $100 billion a year on crop insurance, conservation, nutrition programs, and other farm programs. As amendments are introduced, ASBC plans to post the amendments that ASBC is in support of on the Sustainable Agriculture campaign page.  We encourage everyone to be ready to have your voice heard.  We are at a critical point and need to engage quickly by contacting our US Senators and informing them of our positions on those amendments.

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