ASBC Calls on Business Leaders to Support EPA Carbon Pollution Rules

kristy Sustainability News, Earth Systems Science

The sustainable business community knows that being good to the environment is also good for business. The U.S. EPA has issued a proposed rule to control carbon pollution from new power plant. The rule will reduce the danger of climate change and create new opportunities for the business community.
Businesses need to make sure these new rules are effective.

ASBC is calling on business leaders to tell the EPA that it should support strong carbon pollution rules by submitting a comment on ASBC carbon pollution campaign webpage. Comments are due on June 25th.
Back in April, the EPA proposed the first-ever national standard (called the Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants) to limit emissions of industrial carbon pollution from new power plants. This standard is an essential step toward spurring innovation and investment in low- and no-carbon technologies as well as new energy infrastructure and energy efficiency. The standard will also address increasingly worrisome health indicators showing rising asthma rates and increased incidence of other diseases associated with air pollution.

EPA’s proposal will also help provide the clear market signals businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors are looking for in long-term energy and environmental policies. Setting a clear direction that includes limits on carbon pollution will help to resolve the uncertainty that is constraining the major investments that companies might otherwise consider and putting America’s competitiveness at stake.

This past week at ASBC’s Business Summit for a Sustainable Economy in Washington, D.C., EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson called on the business community to make their voices heard with the agency and that the business community’s input is highly valued.

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