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Now more then ever is the time for your company to become a member of the  

National Green Energy Council!

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Are you interested in meeting with the US Military? The General Services Administration?


Are you in need of getting in front of investment capital to help fund your renewable energy projects or to capitalize your company to begin manufacturing your products?


Do you need the US Department of Energy to meet with you to discuss how they can help your company get America to place of energy security?


Do you have plans to bring your company into the Global market place?


The National Green Energy Council has provided these opportunities to its members for the past seven years.


Our organization has grown to hundreds of companies with projects in 28 countries


The International Green Energy Council has chartered chapters in over 80 nations.


You too can take advantage of the contacts and collaborative partners of the International Green Energy Council.


An ancient Chinese proverb states that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step….


Please make a commitment to join our organization today. 


Let people you are dealing with know that your efforts are backed by one of the most respected advocacy groups in this new green World!

GEC Proud Member

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National Green Energy Council
1701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Suite 300
Washington, District of Columbia 20006
National Green Energy Council | 1701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW | Suite 300 | Washington | DC | 20006