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February 20, 2013


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Re-examining Our Past, Co-creating Our Future


Cultural Transformation Master Class

with Riane Eisler


Starts March 5, 2013


Only 5 spaces left!




In this cutting-edge
4-part series on the history and future of power, sex, and money, acclaimed author of The Chalice and the Blade, Dr. Riane Eisler pulls the rug out from under stagnant systems to reveal a new design: a practical and proven system that places value on the priceless essence of caring for people and nature.  


Join one of the most original thinkers of our time in this exciting new course and learn how power, sex, and money can transform into love, sacred communion, and abundance – for all!



“Evolution is at a crossroads.  Stripped to its essentials, the central human task is how to organize society to promote the survival of our species and the development of our unique potentials.”
– Riane Eisler





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Looking for a
Bite-Sized Introduction to an economic framework that recognizes the real value of people and our planet?


The Caring Economy Starter Course,a FREE, interactive webinar is next offered:


March 1, 2013 (full)

April 3, 2013

May 1, 2013

June 5, 2013

11 – 11:50am PST

2 – 2:50pm EST


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Dear Hazel,

Caring Economy Leadership Program April 9 Cohort now hatching! 


eggs hatchingStrengthen your voice and spread your wings: Join the Caring Economy Leadership community of social change activists, consultants, educators, community builders, media and healthcare professionals around the world working together towards real prosperity.


The April-start cohort meets seven Tuesdays at 10am-11:30PST and runs through June 4. View full schedule



Limited scholarships available. Please request more information when you apply.

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When you become certified as a

Caring Economy Conversation leader, you are welcomed into an active, growing international network of nearly 100 passionate Caring Economy Conversation Leaders.



“I would absolutely recommend this program and already have; anyone who is already working in women’s empowerment should be taking this program to increase their confidence, knowledge and understanding of the subject.” – Maura Conlon-McIvor Ph.D., founder, Legacy Beyond Borders, author, depth psychologist, social change consultant, Oregon, USA


The Caring Economy Leadership Program provides the tools, experience, and support you need to lay the groundwork for an urgently needed global mind shift to an economic system that acknowledges the essential value of people and planet. 


As a Caring Economy Conversation Leader you will be equipped to share this essential conversation in diverse ways– from classrooms, to community events, to blog posts and one-on-one conversations.


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Who are Caring Economy Conversation Leaders?

Caring Economy Conversation Leaders are change agents: educators, coaches, political activists, healthcare professionals, community developers, artists, writers, students, parents and grandparents. 



In all their marvelous diversity, they share a common commitment to speaking out for a Caring Economy and facilitating dialogues about the relationship between care and prosperity in their communities.


Please join this lively, passionate group of leaders by participating in one of our Early 2013 cohort groups


Space is limited; 12 spots per cohort group. 

Tuition is $345 

Download a complete Caring Economy Leadership Program



Questions? Please email Ann for more information.


Would your organization like to explore a customized Caring Economy Training Program for your leaders or staff? Contact Program Director Sara Saltee.


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Karen Oehme“I loved linking up with like-minded passionate people, and having direct access to listen, talk with, and be encouraged by Dr. Eisler.” – Karen Oehme, author, upcoming book Vital Women, Valuing our Care and Contribution in the Economy, a Personal Development Perspective, Nottingham, England


Gachanga, Edel Practicum, Nairobi“The Practicum gave me courage to continue with this conversation. It proved that it is practical, it is real. It is the missing gem in our society today.” – Timothy Gachanga, Nairobi, Kenya 

 Caring Counts!

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Change is accelerating and together we can influence the direction it takes. TheCaring Economy Campaign provides a powerful advocacy framework for building a caring society and a stronger economy.   


“I think Caring Economics is SUCH an important concept. I’d like everyone to understand and advocate for it.” 

– Cathy Raphael, Ms. Foundation for Women