Announcing the Women Leading Regeneration on the Land Summit

Jay Owen Green Prosperity, Resource Efficiency, Nature/Biomimicry

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October 1st, 12-3pm MT

Zoom Online Gathering


Women leading Regeneration on the Land Summit, a half-day Face to Face Online Gathering, the 2nd of 3 sessions in 2020, will highlight “regeneration-in-action”. This summit offers collaborative engagement with powerful women leaders from a global spectrum of impact-focused industries and backgrounds. Through face-to-face breakout discussion groups, panel conversations and Regenerative Slams™ our unique interactive design will give you meaningful new connections and insights.


This session, hosted by Daniela Ibarra-Howell, Co-founder & CEO of Savory Institute, will engage participants to grow their knowledge-base and build a network for good. We invite you to join our online gathering to participate in holistic visioning and action-taking for the good of yourself, your work, and the planet!

WLR Host, Keynote, and Regenerative Slam Speakers

More to be announced soon!