Announcing 2012 Cordes Fellows: Global Champions of Poverty Alleviation

kristy Community Development Solutions

(May 1, 2012)

Global leaders in poverty alleviation selected to attend the 2012 Opportunity Collaboration!
2012 Cordes Fellowships were awarded to innovators from 29 countries around the globe, remarkable individuals like:
Gregory Cho’c, a Mayan who earned his education while managing a popular general store in Punta Gorda, and now spearheads the defense of indigenous rights to resources in Belize.
Marie St. Fleur, the first Haitian-American elected to state office in the U.S. and a former Assistant Attorney General who now directs Boston’s prominent neighborhood economic development initiatives and academic intervention programs.
Taddy Blecher, who has pioneered the free tertiary education movement in South Africa by opening six free-access higher education institutions, involving celebrities like Richard Branson, and already reaching over 600,000 students.
Raja Moubarak, who with his French designer wife, transforms architectural salvage into art and furniture for western retail, employing the war disabled and funding schools & clinics in Beirut.

Like all Opportunity Collaboration Delegates, Cordes Fellows are high-impact, innovative, entrepreneurial for-profit and nonprofit organization executives with a demonstrated commitment to economic justice and poverty alleviation. These catalytic leaders evidence pragmatic vision, passionate tenacity, multi-sectoral thinking, adaptive leadership skills, non-ideological activism and a strong ethical grounding in their actions and accomplishments.

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