And the World Pulse Spirit Awards go to…

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“Ethical Markets, as a longtime partner of WORLD PULSE highly recommends this unique platform empowering women leaders worldwide.  These World Pulse Spirit Awards are an inspiration to leaders in the public interest for our common future, everywhere!


~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

And the World Pulse Spirit Awards Go To…

In recognition of the life-changing connections we make with each other, we’re thrilled to share the results of the first-ever World Pulse Spirit Awards with you.

As a community, you shared 225 nominations for 60 sisters who embody the World Pulse Spirit. Click the video to watch the Facebook Live Awards show—and scroll on to meet the nominees and awardees!

World Pulse Spirit Awards Grand Prize AwardeesCongratulations to these incredible women for being stand-out leaders in our global sisterhood! Be sure to congratulate them by connecting with each awardee on World Pulse.

The Ambassador Grand Prize Award Goes to…

Tamarack Verrall | Canada

“Being an Ambassador brings me a connection with others who feel just as deeply and passionately that this violence against women and girls in all of its forms must end, and that we are here on earth to make it happen. It is an opportunity to create ways to make the work that we are doing known, to raise our voices for change, and to let others know about this interconnected movement we now have with each other.”


The Encourager Grand Prize Award Goes to…

Arrey-Echi | Cameroon

“It is truly motivating that something you do out of love and passion is recognized, celebrated, and appreciated by a community you hold so dear. And, I couldn’t help thinking: believe in yourself enough to take that leap of faith…I am glad I took that leap 4 years ago and today, I have that world of possibilities… a tribe of amazing sisters who love and recognize the power of my voice to always stand by me.”

The Sisterhood Grand Prize Award Goes to…

Urmila Chanam | India

“Sisterhood can make a woman believe she is not alone whenever she faces a big moment or stands at a crossroads, be it in personal or professional life. And that has been my experience which has become my goal: to try to link every woman so she can enjoy the gift of sisterhood. I am deeply touched to receive this award, and I wish I could hug each and every sister who thought about me.”


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