An Amazing New Technology Approved By The EPA Design For The Enviroment Program

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An Amazing New Technology Approved By

The EPA Design For The Enviroment Program


Washington, D.C. July 15, 2014  


The National Green Energy Council is excited to officially endorse AC Energy Boost as our partner for energy conservation in our energy efficiency technology application program for corporations, hospitals, hotels, government facilities, colleges, universities and public schools all across our nation.


“I cannot even begin to tell you how excited we are to be able to introduce this amazing technology that is not only a great opportunity for energy conservation but also its good for the bottom line and the environment.” says Ralph Avallone, President of the National Green Energy Council.


Let’s Look At The Benefits For Schools


Routine cleaning of Air Conditioning coils and Refrigeration coils reduces school system energy costs by up to 30%.


Most schools no longer use toxic chemicals to clean floors and walls, restrooms, classrooms and cafeterias… understanding the dangers to the students, faculty and environment… we choose to ‘Go Green’.


The “elephant in the room” no one is talking about are the products used to clean AC and refrigeration coils.  They are toxic and dangerous to indoor air quality, the AC equipment coils and the maintenance staff applying it.


AC Energy Boost is the ONLY coil cleaner certified by the EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) for ‘direct release’ into the environment… so it’s safe for people, the ecosystem, supports all sustainability initiatives and will not pollute the indoor air of our schools.


“AC Energy Boost has the ability of saving school districts all across the united states enormous amounts of money through energy efficiency gains in its air conditioning of the facilities and the cost of early replacement of units due to the use of highly corrosive environmentally unsafe cleaners that degrade the units and lessen their life expectancy. This combined savings can create better and more safe environments for our children while saving schools money that can be re-appropriated to bettering curricula, programs, the arts, facilities and after school programs all of which create a stronger educational system for our children to be more successful and healthy contributors to the World that sustains us all.”—– Ralph Avallone, Secretary General, International Green Energy Council, Washington, D.C. 


Help us help you in ridding these toxins from indoor school air and our environment… while lowering your energy costs and extending the life of your AC and refrigeration equipment.


3-D Simulation Video   (Energy Reduction with Environmental Responsibility)

Review our company Drop Box folder for supporting materials, including our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). 



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About The International Green Energy Council  


The IGEC is an international advocacy association comprised of individuals and companies that promote sustainable and renewable energy production, sustainable design practices, and education for being better stewards of the environment. The Council works internationally to facilitate green business opportunities. The IGEC is comprised of renewable energy companies, developers, lending institutions, manufacturers, investors, engineers and many others involved throughout the green community.


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