Ammonia Energy Newsletter #5.245:  final roundup from Glasgow, new investments from Fortescue & CF Industries locked in ?

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“Ethical Markets welcomes the breakthroughs occurring on greening hydrogen and ammonia, which emerged in the COP26 debates on accelerating the global green transition.

Hazel Henderson, Editor“

For the last time this year we check into COP. Fortescue Future Industries made a series of big announcements, including new hydrogen & ammonia production projects in Papua New Guinea, Jordan and Argentina. We also saw the launch of the H2Zero group, and with it a 3 million tonnes per year low carbon ammonia pledge from Yara. In the US, CF Industries announced significant new $$ for blue ammonia infrastructure. In Australia, Incitec Pivot will explore the supply of green ammonia to Singapore, and Woodside outlined the size of its new green ammonia project in Bell Bay, Tasmania. To round out the week, four new ammonia-powered ships were announced. Read on, and don’t forget about Argus Media’s upcoming Green Ammonia virtual conference (Dec 7-9 online).

Fortescue Future Industries powers ahead on green ammonia

Fortescue Future Industries has been hitting the Ammonia Energy headlines of late. All of these various announcements point towards a singular target, announced in June by Fortescue Chairman Andrew Forrest: the supply of 15 million tonnes green hydrogen to global markets by 2030. These were all big steps in their own right, but COP26 was also the stage for a number of other significant ammonia and hydrogen-related announcements by FFI. Over the last fortnight we’ve seen the launch of green ammonia production projects in Papua New Guinea, Jordan & Argentina, buyers announced for a full 10% of FFI’s global green hydrogen production, a partnership to decarbonise aviation and more developments in the electrolyser space.

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