“American Visionary: Barbara Marx Hubbard” film

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“Ethical Markets is proud to recommend this wonderful new documentary on the life of Barbar Marx Hubbard, global visionary and our beloved Advisory Board member.  Barbara and I were lifelong allies and spiritual sisters and we also spent many happy times together, co-creating the “Earthvision“ poster in the 1980s, sharing ideas as documented in “The Power of Yin”, Cosimo Books, NY  (2007) which we co-wrote with our dear friend, psychologist Jean Houston.  This new documentary film created by Karen Everett, captures the essence of  Barbara’s genius and why she inspired so many people and changed the lives of her worldwide following of global citizens.  I watched this full length film which so well recognizes the gift of Barbara’s life and work.   Bravo!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

American Visionary: The Life of Barbara Marx Hubbard