Agriculture in the Negev: Today’s Desert Pioneers

Jay Owen SRI/ESG News, Sustainability News, Halophytes

“Ethical Markets is happy to share this report of how far jojoba farming has developed in Israel’s Negev Desert, using saline, brackish water irrigation. Jojoba, native to  the Americas, produces valuable oil, sold worldwide mostly for cosmetics.  With thanks to our colleague Gijs Graafland, Planck Foundation in Amsterdam, who has also seen the same viable future for expanding human foods beyond their perilous reliance on the planet’s dwindling 3% of freshwater, by using all the other salt-loving halophyte food plants, including quinoa, Salicornia and many other nutritious foods ignored by our incumbent ago-chemical industrial food/advertising /marketing complex!  See “Investing in Saltwater Agriculture: The Next Big Thing“ with NASA Chief Scientist Bushnell,

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“