Agriculture 2.0: Harvest Power Profits From Biomass

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Agriculture 2.0: Harvest Power Profits From Biomass
Did you know that Germany has a feed-in tariff for biomass-generated power?

Networked Grid 2011: The FAQ on HAN
You’re talking to the HAN.

Mixed Greens: Nissan’s R&D Center Mountain View, Chromasun Goes Live, and Natural Gas as a Battery
Plus, how FERC will promote storage

Guest Post: GE’s Electrifying Acquisition of Converteam
The patent could make connecting wind and solar to the grid far easier, says Philip Totaro.

SunPower and NRG’s 250 MW Solar Project Closer to Reality
DOE offers $1.187 billion conditional commitment for loan guarantee for the 250-megawatt California Valley Solar Ranch.

It’s Official: 33% RPS Now the Law in California
So how does California move from 18% renewables to 33% in ten years’ time?

Digital Lumens Raises $10M
The LED company wants to expand its footprint with a new round of funding.

Decentralized Power and Disaster Preparation
Microgrids, once considered a technology for off-grid communities, are emerging as a path toward disaster preparation.