Additional Materials for the Climate Action Planning Webinar Audience

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References and Climate Adaptation Courses

If you missed the email with the access to the recording and slides for the Island Press webinar, Climate Action Planning, Creating low carbon resilient communities or need the book discount code, you can access them below. Also, consider registering for the upcoming SSF webinars on carbon mitigation, adapting to killer heat and investment in sustainable business. (Registration links are below.)


Here are some useful climate adaptation and mitigation resources. Links to several Food Hub Videos from Sabine O’Hara, Dean of UDC’s College of Agriculture Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences, and webinar panelist.Antioch University New England is co-hosing the webinar on Killer Heat, with the Union of Concerned Scientists. A flyer about the AUNE Climate Resilience Certificate is attached.In case you missed downloading Climate Action Planning webinar co-host CadmusEquitable Clean Energy Guidebook, click the slide above.

Register for the Next SSF Webinars

Corporate Energy Strategies to Thrive in a Decarbonized World. (George Washington University), Thursday, August 22


Sixty Minutes with Hazel Henderson on Transitioning to Science-Based Investing. Thursday September 5th


Killer Heat in the US: Climate Choices and the Future of Dangerously Hot Days. (Union of Concerned Scientists, Antioch University NE), Monday September 9th


Power to the People with Minigrids (Arizona State University), Wednesday, September 11

Video and Slides for the Climate Action Planning Webinar