Adair Turner: Reforming Global Finance — Announcing Ford Foundation Editorial Project

Ethical Markets Reforming Global Finance

We at Ethical Markets Media applaud The Globalist  and offer our help in this new initiative.   Hazel Henderson, Editor

The Globalist’s “Reforming Global Finance” Series

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Reforming Global Finance series.

This series will present essays and analyses by experts in the fields of economics, financial markets and financial governance, pointing the way toward a global financial system that is more transparent, accountable and effective. Our goal is to alert a global audience of experts and non-experts alike to the relevance of financial reform to their own lives and futures.

This project is supported by a grant from the Reforming Global Financial Governance initiative in the Ford Foundation’s Democracy, Rights and Justice program.

Visit our Reforming Global Finance overview page for a list of articles published so far, including an essay by Ford Foundation President Luis Urbinas on Reforming Global Financial Governance.