Pamela Olsen, J.D., M.S.

Pamela Olsen currently resides in Central Florida where she runs the Ocala office of an Orlando based law firm.  Pamela began her career as an attorney in 1991 and for the past 13 years has served as legal counsel in cases involving medical and health care issues as well as civil rights and employee rights.  She is passionate about representing the rights of individuals and took her experience to expanded levels by obtaining her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology in 2004.  Pamela has also studied with indigenous healers and leaders in the Andes Mountains as well as deep within the Amazon Jungle in an attempt to better understand the nature of their rapport with their environment and communities.  Having also done extensive study in linguistics and neuroscience, she has a special interest in Ken Wilber’s philosophy and his Integral Model as it applies to both individuals and organizations.  As a passionate humanitarian, Pamela also has a deep interest in reform of the media as well as economic and GDP models and definitions that support broader health perspectives and greater environmental sustainability.  Since 2003 Pamela has been studying Hazel Henderson’s work, and endeavors to inform conference attendees and the general public of the significant role of Ethical Markets and Ethical Markets Media.

Social Venture Network 2009 Conferences — Reflections and Comments by Pamela Olsen