EMM Welcomes Yul Anderson to Advisory Board

Yul Anderson is founder and president of Yul Anderson Consulting. He is also working with African leaders, historians, and the U.S. Census Department to develop economic indicators for African American and African Future economic and social development. Miami, Florida, USA.

Yul Anderson, a holder of Masters Degrees in Future Studies from Dartmouth College and the University of Massachusetts is the founder of The African American Future Society. As an expert in Future Studies, Mr. Anderson provides lectures and consultation to various international organizations including the united nations and other world bodies.  Mr. Anderson has successfully developed various strategies for The African American Future Society

The African American Future Society promotes African American culture. It provides access to ideas, talents and experience, through education, training, books, information, the English language, the arts, the sciences and technology.  The African American Future Society has established relationships through its work in supporting visits to and from Africa. The Society, through its work, has an established network of contacts at senior levels in government and increasingly outside government with national NGO’s, united nations agencies and private philanthropist.

The African American Future Society is an independent nonpolitical organization which enables the society to play a role in bringing together public, private, government, NGO’s, public and private sectors. The society is able to transfer experience from one country to another via the overseas network and the new york city headquarters. The society can monitor policy developments and key findings overseas and in the USA to disseminate this information through its network.

Mr. Anderson began his consulting business in the 1980’s, where he provided consulting services to the Boston Private Industry Council, the Brookline Public Schools, METCO, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Departments of Public Health and Environmental Management. Mr. Anderson also has 15 years of government experience. Where he has managed the administrative, capital and operating budgets for government agencies, and has served as a Director for the City of Boston and the City of New York.

Mr. Anderson spent six years in Africa where he provided business solutions to education, business, private, and government concerns.  Past  clients included: Waithaka Meat Supply, US Euro Educational Services, Country Farm Frozen Foods, Somali National Front, Grand Regency Hotel, Kenya Ladies Tae Kwon Do Association, Kenya Ladies Hockey Association, Nzioka Advocates and Associates, Legacy Bookstore and Distributors, Out of Streets Africa, BEACON, TAABCO, Swissguarde Limited, Kenya Management Assistance Program (K-MAP), Tunza Dada Society, Salome Omanya for Parliament, Florence Machayo for Parliament, Dr. Kavetsa Adegala for Parliament, Dr. Julia Ojiambo for Parliament, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and Kenya African National Union (KANU) office of Women and Youth Affairs.  

Mr. Anderson has worked on the campaigns of Nelson Antonio Denis, Adam Clayton Powell, Olga Mendez, as well as various political parties in Africa including Kenya African National Union, the Republican Party of Sierra Leone and the National Democratic Institute in Nairobi.

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