A Time of Change – June 2012 Newsletter

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We at Ethical Markets recommend Schumacher College and its whole-systems, hands-on approach. I have been teaching course there for many years. Hazel Henderson, Editor

A Time of Change – June 2012 Newsletter

“Whatever we dream we can attain. We just need to direct our energy and our actions towards creating the change.“

This is a quote from John Perkins a recent short course teacher at the College and best-selling author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Having worked with indigenous communities around the world, John believes that we are in a time of unprecedented change – “the greatest revolution that human beings have experienced, a revolution in consciousness”. Click here for the full interview.

Click here to see John’s open evening talk.

As agents of this personal and collective transformation, we have been making changes here at Schumacher College. Following recent restructuring and staff changes we are opening our doors and our unique eductional experiences to as many people as possible, from all walks of life. Next month we launch an exciting fundraising campaign that will allow more people to attend our courses on bursary funding. (More details in the July newsletter). Our postgraduate programmes now include Postgrad Certificates which means that students of all ages can attain a formal qualification in Holistic Science, Economics for Transition and Sustainable Horticulture and Food Production in as little as three months. And our very popular vocational trainings in Sustainable Horticulture and Natural Building, will run again in 2013, with many more ideas in the pipeline.

Our intention behind diversification in our programme is to open our doors to as wide an audience as possible in this time of great change. We hope to see you at the College in the near future.

Don’t miss two exciting job opportunities at the College, detailed below.

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