A New Tool for Desalination: Sewer Waters, Storm Runoff

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A New Tool for Desalination: Sewer Waters, Storm Runoff
A novel technique to harvest pressure brewing at the University of Nevada could drastically cut the energy needed for desalination.

TNG 2011: Accenture and the Home of the Future
Greg Guthridge explains what customers want in home automation at The Networked Grid 2011.

How Will the California System Operator Cope With 33% Renewables?
The state grid operator has opened its Mission Critical Wing, powered by renewables for renewables.

Streetline: Parking App is Just the Beginning
The startup has some big name partners and a shiny new iPhone app it wants to park all over town.

Mixed Greens: Hawaii’s Smart Grid, Osram’s New LED Bulbs, Hara Gets $25M, and More
And Arnold brings “love child” back to public vocabulary

Guest Post: Forget Pickens—There’s Another Source for Natural Gas
Coal-to-gas technology can be used to produce natural gas economically. It beats drilling.

A Few Words From Alta Devices and Amprius
“Really disruptive materials science”

GridGlo Mines Data for Smart Grid Apps
GridGlo says it can do a whole lot more than meter data management.