A New Purpose for an Old Metric: The Green Transition Scoreboard

kristy Green Prosperity

September 27, 2012—

Countries tout GDP; shareholders track return on investment. Money-denominated metrics are intuitively (if incorrectly) understood. Money is information, even as we have progressed beyond money as the only measure of success. Ethical Markets Media follows Beyond GDP indicators such as the UN’s Human Development Index (HDI) and its UNEP-UNU Inclusive Wealth Index, the OECD’s Better Life Index, the WWF’s Living Planet Index and the Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators that our founder, futurist Hazel Henderson co-created, which she regularly updates.

Still, there is a place for money. The Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) transcends whether we’re environmentalists or capitalists. It tracks private investments and commitments in creating cleaner, greener economies globally, investments by anyone and everyone — except government, finding over $3.6 trillion has been invested and committed since 2007. This metric shows the weight investors place on green technologies driving the future of business and finance.

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