A Major Opportunity for Friends of the American Monetary Institute

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Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,

We now face a major opportunity its important to respond to. Across the country thousands of Americans, young and old, are demonstrating around the Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago, and Boston; Wall Street in NY and ever more places, linked to below.
Among them are some with a pretty good idea of what we need and others who are there because they realize that some expression of peaceful protest against the rape of America is absolutely necessary.

What do the Occupiers want? Mainly Economic Justice!

To get economic justice, you must have monetary justice and the AMI has been working at gaining monetary justice since 1996. We have made progress. Our research results, The Lost Science of Money by Stephen Zarlenga demonstrate that decades of research and centuries of experience shows that three things are absolutely needed:
1) The present form of the Federal Reserve System must be ended – it must become a part of our government – what people mistakenly think it is now! In the Treasury Department is best.
2) The accounting privilege that banks now have to create what we use for money out of debt, must stop once and for all. What’s called fractional reserve banking must be decisively ended.
3) The Congress must understand and be empowered to create new money and spend it into circulation as money, not debt. For example the $2.2 trillion dollars the Engineers tell us is needed for infrastructure over the next 5 years. As the system progresses, health care and education, and grants to the states are made.

Now some good news: Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D Ohio. 10th Dist) on September 21st, introduced HR2990 which does those very things!!!!
Congressman Conyers of Detroit co-sponsored it.

We need to see that people realize there is a bill which achieves these goals, already in the Congress. That they can help by asking their representatives and Senators to support it. Also their school Boards, State reps and Senators, City Councils, newspaper editors, etc, etc, etc.
We have materials which can help them do all that, available for the asking, but first they have to become aware of HR2990, and there are three attachments which will help you make it clear to them:

First a half page Flyer announcing the HR2990 which should be handed to every one at a demonstration.

Second, for those who want to know more, a one page (2 sides) “The Need For Monetary Reform” sheet. It’s exactly 800 words and you can reprint it easily, even get it into newspapers.

Third, there is our 32 page booklet with some history, our answers to the 20 most frequently asked questions, the American Monetary Act, and much more. Copy and photocopy the one attached, or get pre printerd ones from us at 10 copies for $30.

I ‘m suggesting you print these out, photocopy several hundred of them and head to the nearest demonstration! Stay at least a few hours. Let me know what happens.
To find the nearest demonstration to your location, google: “occupy(insert your city here)” and check it out.

Warm regards to you and good luck! Remember this is a non-partisan activity!
Stephen Zarlenga