A Letter From The Crowdfund Investing Team

kristy Crowdfunding

October 8, 2012

Dear Crowdfunding Followers,

Since attending the White House on April 5th when President Obama signed our Crowdfund Investing bill into law we have been working nonstop, traveling all over the world, and watching this crazy idea of ours, ?Web 3.0, where social networking meets seed financing to solve the funding void for our nation?s job-creators (aka Main Street small businesses and startups),? go global.

Here?s what we have been up to:

Crowdfund Capital Advisors
We have incorporated Crowdfund Capital Advisors to ensure that the implementation of the JOBS Act goes smoothly by working with Crowdfunding industry professionals and government agencies. We advise businesses and individuals globally on Crowdfunding, Crowdfund Investing and the JOBS Act – as jobs are not just an American issue. Our current clients include small and large investors/ organizations looking to understand and invest in this new asset class, and governments looking to implement our Crowdfund Investing framework so they can spur entrepreneurship, innovation, and jobs. As well we advise soon-to-be Crowdfund Investing platforms and professionals looking to launch and grow profitable crowdfunding businesses within the regulatory framework. (Meanwhile, Zak is focusing his time and attention on his own entrepreneurial endeavors, a chain of gourmet olive oil shops).

We are excited to have Leverage-PR handling our marketing, PR and business development leads. Consider Leverage-PR the Crowdfunding PR specialists!
We are thrilled to count Judy Robinett as our first Partner. Judy brings unparalleled experience to our team as a former public CEO, power Angel investor and networking genius. And we are equally thrilled to have Davis Jones as our lead analyst working with us on our Crowdfund Industry thought-leadership work, including our first White Paper (see below).
Our travels include meetings with entrepreneurs, angel investors, financial advisors, funds, local chambers, startup community leaders, journalists, banking experts, lobbyists, development banks and government officials at home (Washington, Chicago & the San Francisco Bay Area) and abroad (most recently Mexico, Italy and Columbia). From our experience, the world is looking to both the USA and us for how they can implement a similar framework.

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