9th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference September 19-22, 2013 Chicago, Illinois

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9th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference

September 19-22, 2013  Chicago, Illinois

Sign up by June 21st for a $285 donation instead of $395.

A savings of $110!


The 2013 AMI Monetary Reform Conference is shaping up as an important event in the ongoing battle to achieve real monetary reform!

This year’s speakers include the main people on the front lines of monetary reform around the world. Here is the superstar line-up:

Professor Joseph Huber of Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany’s most important monetary reformer. 

Dr. Michael Kumhof of the IMF, whosepaper, The Chicago Plan Revisited, has taken the world’s economic community by storm!
Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchi, A leading macroeconomist, whose systems analyst computer projections show the excellent results of using HR 2990, and the American Monetary Act.
Professor Richard Werner of the University of Southampton, who has emerged as the central figure advising European monetary authorities.
Professor Nic Tideman of Virginia Tech, whose latest work has advanced the process of monetary reform significantly.

See the rest of the speakers here.


The conference will focus on the crucial reforms that are absolutely necessary to cleanse an immoral monetary system that is at the root of so many of America’s and the world’s problems. It will be held at University Center in Chicago, Thursday, September 19 through Sunday, September 22 2013.University Center’s state of the art facility will be set up with comfortable schoolroom type seating with narrow tables.  The room holds 85 participants when set up in this way, so register early to assure yourself a seat.

If you sign up by June 21st, the registration fee is $285, instead of $395. A savings of $110!

Early registration helps our planning and allows you to book your travels well in advance and save on airfare and other modes of transportation. The registration fee covers conference materials, coffee, fruit and breakfast muffins each morning, coffee/tea breaks, Thursday reception with drinks and hors d’oeuvres, Saturday celebratory dinner, and Sunday beach barbecue!

The Travelodge Hotel – just one block from University Center – will extend similar room rates as last year.  Many other great hotels can be found nearby.

There are several ways to register:

– Register through PayPal (Go to our conference page here, then click the Donate button)

– Register by mail-in order form

– Register by e-mail ([email protected]) or telephone (224-805-2200)

This year’s conference will be important in building on progress made in past years, and we look forward to seeing you there!


Stephen Zarlenga

Director, AMI