Book Review: “Choosing Earth” by Duane Elgin

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“Duane Elgin, scientist, philosopher and humanist, has authored many of the key books describing the current stage of the human condition on our home planet.  In this new book, “Choosing Earth“, he summarizes our current and future choices in precise and sobering detail.

The multiple interacting crises of today: from climate disruption to its effects in fires, floods, rising sea levels and the increasing risks of pandemics, all signal that our lifestyles and worldviews, ideas of “ progress” are steering humanity over the cliff.

Elgin sees either our extinction or all the opportunities we have IF  we can mature from our current adolescent stage to full global citizenship and species adulthood.

This book is must read and we intend to help promote the kind of global conversations Elgin envisions in the forthcoming website around “Choosing Earth“.

~Hazel  Henderson, author, Mapping the Global Transition to  the Solar Age: From Economism To  Earth Systems Science”, London, (2014) and other books.”