Knight Foundation-Congratulations to the winners of the AI and the News Open Challenge!

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“Ethical Markets congratulates the Knight Foundation for this important initiative and congratulates all the winners and runners-up!  We are happy to see Tim Berners-Lee speaking out on the mis-use of the internet and the WorldWideWeb for profit, and continue to follow these issues closely, see my “The Future of Democracy in the Digital Age“, CADMUS, Oct, 2018 and “Let’s Train Humans Before We Train Machines!” (both free downloads at

~Hazel Henderson,  Editor“


Congratulations to the winners of the 
AI and the News Open Challenge!
Seven projects today are receiving $750,000 to explore and shape the impact that artificial intelligence is having on the field of news and information.

The projects will tackle a variety of problems, including:

  • Confronting bad actors spreading misinformation through messaging platforms;
  • Equipping journalists with the technology they need to quickly sift through reams of information;
  • Tackling emerging threats posed by AI-generated fakes, and more.

The challenge is a project of the Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative, funded in part by Knight Foundation.

You can learn about the winners on the initiative’s website.


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