Ethical Markets salutes International Women’s Day

LaRae Long Global Citizen

“Ethical Markets salutes all the world’s women on International Women’s Day, and all the efforts we women are making to  gain full representation in politics, governments, corporations and at every level of decision-making including in families, worldwide.  The ancient law: “habeas corpus“ settled in England in the year 1215 and recognized worldwide,  states that we all own our own bodies.  Yet in some countries, this right of habeas corpus is still denied to women, even in the USA by some religious sects!

Our Partner, the Center for Partnership Studies led by our esteemed Advisory Board member Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and the Blade and many other books, works to  promote a Caring Economy everywhere.  My work on the unpaid “Love Economy“ in The Politics of the Solar Age is now in 800 libraries around the world in many languages and unpaid work is finally being acknowledged by the male-dominated economics profession and may find its way into national accounts as GDP-measured, purely money-denominated forms of  “progress” are challenged by all the new social and environmental indicators in many countries.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  ratified by 195 member countries in 2015 is the new scorecard of genuine, systemic  human development and its Goal 5 is GENDER EQUALITY!

With warmest wishes to all our sisters!

~Hazel Henderson,  Editor“

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“Human Evolution is now at a crossroads. Stripped to its essentials, the central human task is how to organize society to promote the survival of our species and the development of our unique potentials. A partnership society offers us a viable alternative.”
– Riane Eisler | The Chalice and The Blade: Our History, Our Future