The First Year of Equity Crowdfunding in Italy

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Italy’s First Year of Equity Crowdfundingitaly was the first country in europe to enact crowdfunding legislation on a national level. One year on, how has crowdfunding fared? Alessandro Lerro writes in to recap the past year in equity crowdfunding, and shares some stats from the successful campaigns.


Invesdor Applies for Investment Firm Authorization

Anticipating that the Finnish Financial Supervisory Agency’s (FIN-FSA) new rules for equity crowdfunding will require platforms to register as investment firms, Invesdor has applied for the appropriate license. While the FIN-FSA hasn?t yet finalized this rule, Invesdor?s co-founder and CEO Lasse Mäkelä recently told us that his company was preparing for the regulatory change.

Crowdsourcing and Ecommerce: Do The Two Go Together?

Owen Andrew, a journalist with a background in ecommerce, writes in to discuss how crowdsourcing can aid the ecommerce efforts of large and small businesses alike.

Department of Defense Looking to the Crowd to Predict the Future Security Environment

Last week, the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense Policy put out a request for proposal, looking to ?procure the services of a crowdsourcing entity with the capability to apply a crowdsourcing methodology that leverages a broad range of expertise.?

How to Launch a Crowdfunding Platform

Rose Spinelli writes in with the latest installment of her weekly column ‘Rose Recommends.’ This time, she helps an upcoming crowdfunding platform operator in the UK by offering advice on white label crowdfunding service providers.

Why Your Students ? And Not You ? Should Be Crowdfunding This Fall

Paul Phelps, co-founder and vice president of culturebooster, a crowdfunding platform for educational purposes, writes in to discuss the benefits of running a crowdfunding campaign, and how it can help students learn the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Crowdsourcing Processes for Government Agencies [Infographic]

Various crowdsourcing initiatives, whether they were led by a small startup in silicon valley or a team of engineers working out of an esteemed university, have added to our understanding of crowdsourcing, raised awareness of its merits and shortcomings, and reinforced the notion that collective action can be highly beneficial ? if it?s applied correctly. Some of the most interesting crowdsourcing work, however, has been undertaken by government agencies.

Funding Circle Celebrates 4th Birthday [Infographic]

To commemorate its fourth birthday, Funding Circle put out the following infographic which showcases some of the key events around peer-to-peer lending in the UK, and statistics about the company and its users.