The website was officially closed on April 22nd 2014 – Earth Day.

Jay Owen Global Citizen, Wealth of Networks

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Dear friends, members and supporters,

The website was officially closed on April 22nd 2014 – Earth Day. We are so grateful to everyone who has been part of this incredible journey towards a more just and sustainable world. We thank you for all your messages and well wishes sent after our announcement of the closure, and have chosen to share a very touching reflection from one of our members:

“I suppose the journey is not all about growing but it’s also about disassembling as well…a truly organic process. I know that through WiserEarth (and you have fuelled and connected many organizations around the world who wouldn’t exist hadn’t it been for you. Some journeys don’t go all the way… some pave the way for others…”- Zola, from South Africa

Thank you Zola for these beautiful words. But also, our heartfelt thanks to you for your beauty, your positive energy and all the love and healing that you bring to this world!

To mark this closure, we have shared some final words on our blog:

My own feelings are that I truly hope that’s legacy becomes organic matter for others to learn and develop from.

I also promised that we would tell you about the next steps for WiserEarth, the not for profit behind will undergo a shift in leadership onMay 1st 2014. I am thrilled to share that I will pass on the leadership of the organization to Amanda Ravenhill and Paul Hawken, who will be running a new program: The Drawdown Project.

Drawdown will be a book, a database, a basis for curricula, a digital platform, and a movement. It defines and describes 117 impeccably researched, “state-of-the-shelf” technologies, both practical and social, that will reduce carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Drawdown lays clear the financial and scientific impact these technologies can deliver in the next thirty years. Drawdown will arrive in the fall of 2015.

It has been an honor to lead this organization over the last 6 years. I now wish Amanda and Paul well with the Drawdown project.

In deepest appreciation and gratitude for all that you do and all that you are,

Peggy Duvette
executive director