SB NEWS and VIEWS: Top Weekend Reads: 15+ Stories Not to Miss This Week

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February 28, 2014
SB Research+

Top Weekend Reads: 15+ Stories Not to Miss This Week

This week: SB Research+ newsletter has been updated with written reports and multimedia specially selected from the SB Library. A new report from the Responsible Sourcing Network includes company SB BUSINESS

Creating Sustainable Apparel Value Chains, Part III: Improving Conditions and Replicating Best Practices [SUPPLY CHAIN]

Sustainable Seafood: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Green Fish  [SUPPLY CHAIN]

adidas, M&S, IKEA Among Brands Making Great Strides to Source Slave-Free Cotton  [SUPPLY CHAIN]

Palm Oil: From Plantation to Peanut Butter  [STAKEHOLDER TRENDS AND INSIGHTS]

Testing the ‘CVS Effect’ on Microbeads: Could L’Oréal & Unilever Be Bolder?  [CHEMISTRY AND MATERAILS]

WWF, Mondi Group Partner to Increase Environmental Stewardship in Paper Industry  [COLLABORATION]

Making Change Happen: 9 Factors That Determine the Success of Your Sustainability Efforts  [WEBINAR]


The Secret of Game-Changing Leadership? Collaborative Reality Creation  [LEADERSHIP]

Airbnb Building Brand Value by Creating Authentic Connections with — and Between — Users [MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS]

7UP-Project 7 Partnership Encouraging Soda Drinkers to ‘Make Your Bottle Count’ [COLLABORATION]

EU Study Finds Sustainability Understanding, Concern Do Not Affect Food Purchase Choices [STAKEHOLDER TRENDS AND INSIGHTS]

Reimagining Phoenix: A Citywide Campaign to Turn Trash Into Resources [SOLUTIONS]

Pantene: Labels Against Women  [CAMPAIGN VIDEO]


SAP, BMW Co-Developing Innovative Mobility Services for the ‘Connected Car’ [ICT AND BIG DATA]

New Levi’s Production Process Uses 100% Recycled Water [PRODUCTS AND DESIGN]

Food, Clothing and Jobs — Oh, My! 6 More Startups Helping to Resuscitate Detroit [STARTUPS]

Self-Contained Solar-Powered Toilet Could Transform Sanitation in Developing World [PRODUCTS AND DESIGN]

SAP Crowdsourcing Millennials’ Next Big Ideas in Utilities, Connected Car Solutions  [ICT AND BIG DATA]

LEGO Seeking Sustainable Alternative to Its Trademark Brick Material  [CHEMISTRY AND MATERIALS]

EU Initiative Developing Plastic Packaging Made from Wastewater [PACKAGING]

Disruptive Innovation and the Rise of the Values-Based Economy  [SUPPLY CHAIN]